Charater music Meme
1) pick 5 character
2) pick a song that goes for each of them
3) explain why did you pick that music for them.


1)Batman- bet on it- from zack Effron- why?? did I pick thi song for batman? well because this is the song that reminds me of what he could of been thinking before he became batman.

2)Lex Luthor-  mine,mine,mine (pocahontas)- why???  because just imagine him saying kryptonite instead of gold...XD.

3)Superman- zero to hero- hercules- well hercules reminds me of clark when he was trying to do good.

4)Robin from teen titans- I'll make a man out of you.- why.. well because he all focus on slade and he is always train, train and train XD.

4) starfire(teen titans)- get happy- why because she is the definition of the word for me.

5)people of the DC world when the superhero are in trouble- why because I wish more of this in this world.

Picture meme!
so I thought of this while I was scanning.
1)This meme will be with Clark/ Bruce in any form.
2) Post a random picture.
3) Post a random word
4)Post an Emotion
5) *extra* you can put another character name.
6) I will give a little story that unite 1-5.

1) Kael/ Bruce


Behold the strange story( and man, I really just could not have made it small >< it was suppose to be something simple and it turn into a story...BTW this is the first bruce/clark story I have ever writhed. so please criticize it to get better, btw I know I have bad grammar ><  ):
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Meme swiped from Milleniumrex and mithens
Meme swiped from Milleniumrex and mithens

all character will be from manga/anime/comics.

1. I write down a list of 15 characters and keep them secret from you for now.

2. You choose however many of those you like and ask me a question
about them. Examples: "What happens when 5 and 9 are forced to take care
of a baby?" or "1, 4, and 8 walk into a bar. What happens next?" or
"What does 3 do when s/he finds out that 10 is pregnant with 7's child?"
You get the idea. :D

3. I tell you about these scenarios!

Scans from Batman Hush and Justice Lugue #2! Parts that I love!
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Music Meme!
1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload/link) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[info]mithen gave me the letter "C" for Clark! so here is my music from my itune that have "C."

1) canto de la tierra -andrea bocelli

2)The Call (I don't know if the "the" in the phrase really counts) -chronicles of narnia by Regina Spektor

3) Campo, Yo Vivo Triste - from the album Raices (puertorican music)

4)Can't Help Falling In Love - A-Teens

5)Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas - series supernatural.

6) Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman ( I could not help but but this six one XD)

I'm happy ! I'm actually making an strong initiative to the career of my choice. sometimes I think of my action and feelings and it occur to me that I don't know how to judge my feeling well. for instance I know strong feelings like, love for the family, loyalty and friendship. but to feelings like love for another out side of that range is hard for me to define. for another instance I know I like and love animation. but I think to my self sometimes that my love for it is not enough.because even thought I love it I can't feel super exited. so I judge my self to be a mellow person, but others see it as very exited and active enough. so probably the problem is that I haven't felt enough in my life for me to judge myself. I can say I like/love something but not feel it to the max. lol

(no subject)
Name: Maria
Age: 21
Likes: I like to read anything that is good, mostly things with magic,action/ adventure, family love. I also like cats, anime and manga, Japanese, Chinese and Korean drama, because they are interesting.
Dislikes: mean people
Strengths: I'm honest, I can keep a secret, I'm a good student, I'm optimistic and nice
Weaknesses: internet, really big heights, horror movies and a little bit the dark
Talents: Drawing
Leader or Follower: I prefer the follower it less hard, but sometimes I like to be a leader.
Do you think with your heart or head? both but mostly the heart.
Who is your favorite character? Edmund, Caspian, Lucy and peter
Why? because I like their personality's and I especially love Lucy for her big heart and honesty
Who is your least favorite character? Susan
Why? because I think of her as mean and a little know it all ( in the books) and plainly don't like her character unless she is acting like a real sister to Lucy

my favorite narnia paring is: Lucy and Caspian

if somebody wants to read the narnia books just downloaded from here

Kyo kara maoh!!!
Last night I found out that Kyo kara maoh, starded a new season, I was so happy. I wish, the traslate the chap. come out much faster, but oh well, I 'm happy they even put it at all. if you whant to see it go to veoh or youtube the chapter to the new season is 79-... there is olso the ova that they are 5


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